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We provide a range of video services for companies, churches, groups and individuals. We provide everything from broadcast quality video for television to flash animation for a web ad banner.

Motion Graphics

Television:   Business and Groups   Churches      
Opens   Opens for meetings   Welcome      
Bumpers   Opens for presentations   Special Events      
Lower thirds   Highlights for name or products   web banners      
Overlays   Conference Booths          
Billboards   web banners / advertisements          
    Beauty / Scholorship Pageants
    animation for plasma screen
(flash and video)



If you have an upcoming presentation, we can help put you 'over the top'.

We provide everything from a single background slide to interactive presentations with animation and video.

  ** Please note that these presentations normally contain proprietary information and we honor the wishes of our clients by not using their presentations on the web site as examples. Contact us for more information ** 

Special Occasion presentations:

Business   Groups   Church   Individual
Employee Meetings   Banquets   Banquets   Wedding Anniversaries
Board Meetings   Sports Banquets   Holidays   Wedding Pre-Service
Stockholder Meetings   Holidays   Memorial Services   Birthdays
Sales/Product Features   Graduations   Graduations   Vacations
Work Anniversaries   Special Meetings   Church Anniversaries   Travel
Retirements   Reunions   Mission Trips   Memorial Services
Business History       Commissioning Services   Retirements